Local Organising Committee

Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Charles Bucagu, Deputy Director General of Agriculture Research and Technology Transfer 


Tel: +250788305182 






Mr. Aimable Nsengiyumva, Secretary to the Scientific Committee at Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board 


Tel: +250782650372 




Co-Vice Chair 

Kirimi Sindi Country Manager /Value Chain Expert at International PotatoCenter (CIP) 

Email: k.sindi@cgiar.org

Tel: +250787113357, +250733113357




Program and Abstract Committee (Chair) 

Dr. Damien Shumbusha, Associate Research Fellow at RAB  


Tel: +250788459957 




Program and Abstract Committee

Dr. Christine Mukantwali, Senior Research Fellow 


Tel: +250788445328 





Program and Abstract Committee 

Dr. Rukundo Placide, SeniorResearch Fellow/ RAB 


Tel: +250 786 112423 





Program and Abstract Committee 

 Dr.  Bigirimana Vincent De Paul 


Email: bigirimanavp@gmail.com

Tel: +250783147949




Posters and Proceedings (Chair)

Dr Svetlana Gaidashova, Senior Principal Research Fellow       

Email:gaidashova@yahoo.com Tel: +250781161071 




Posters and Proceedings 

Dr. Esperance Munganyinka, Assistant Research Fellow 


Tel: +250788630366 



Posters and Proceedings

Dr. AthanaseNduwumuremyi, Assistant Research Fellow. Head of cassava research and technology transfer program at RAB 

Email: nduwatha@gmail.com

Tel: +250732690741






Communication and Website (Chair)

Mr. Peter Badege, Research Fellow 

Email: badegep@gmail.com 

Tel: +250783434885 




Communication and Website 

Ms Batamuriza Gloria,  

Public Relations and Communication Officer/ RAB 


Tel: +250788402087 



Communication and website 

Ms Marie Goretti, Public Relation and communication Officer/ MINAGRI 

Email: nujfr@yahoo.fr 

Tel: +250788673779 



Field Trip Committee

Mr. NdacyayisengaTheophile, AssistantResearch Fellow

Email: theophilo@yahoo.fr

Tel:  +250788613113




Resource Mobilization and Finances within Rwanda (Chair) 

Mr. Jean Ndirigwe, Senior Research Fellow 

Email: ndrick3@gmail.com 

 Tel:  +250732800154/+250788527320



Resource Mobilization and Finances within Rwanda (Chair) 

Dr. NdabamenyeTelesphore 

Embedded Advisor 

Email: ndabaphore@yahoo.fr 

Tel: +250788442105 


Serikali Silver 


Tel: +250788410742 






Resource Mobilization and Finances

Mr. Yassin Iyamuremye, 

Director General of Corporate Services Manager/ MINAGRI 

Email: yiyamuremye1@gmail.com /


Tel: +250788357581



Resource Mobilization and Finances, donors outside of Rwanda 

Dr. Jan Low, Principal Scientist, CIP 

Email:  j.low@cgiar.org

Office Phone:  254-20-422-3601;  Cell:  254-705-813707    Skype:  janhigh3